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Our Labratory . . . . . . . . .

We have our own dental lab on site. This drastically reduces waiting time for your dental replacement products.

Our very own experienced dental technician, Mr. Erwin Piro, will individually choose your dental colors on site and will be happy to work with you so that later your artificial dentures will look as natural as you could expect In the event that you experience a defect with your dentures, we can repair most pieces within the very same day.

  • High-quality and durable dentures
  • Inlays, crowns and bridges manufactured exclusively in high-quality precious metal alloys
  • Individual color design of ceramic crowns and bridges with on site consultation by our dental technician
  • Repairs or temporary services often completed the same day
  • Prosthetic combinations
  • Full dentures with prior
    bite impression analysis and with
    personalized design options
  • Individual Prothetic ID will be issued after completion of denture services.




  Bachtalstraße 133
D -66773 Schwalbach-Elm
Fon 00 49 68 34 / 95 25 25
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